UKC CH CSB Agent Miss Taro

Taro was our pick of the litter practically from day 1.  She has always been a sweet, affectionate, athletic dog that is as much at home on our laps as she is on top of dog houses.  She inherited her mother’s “forcefully affectionate” demeanor and then some!  Along with temperament, we were struck by her unique coloration (grizzle aka sable or domino), the quality of her coat, her wonderful topline, bend of stifle, and strength of her underjaw.

Taro was Best Bred By Exhibitor at the MWSA Specialty show in 2016 and once again won Best Bred By Exhibitor at the ECSW Specialty in 2019.

Taro is an MDR1 carrier and CEA clear. Thyroid, Heart, and Eyes were cleared in April 2017 and have been retested favorably in the years since. She was born 7/6/2015.

Please enjoy some pictures of life with Taro, our affectionate, joyful Silken Windhound:

Taro Puppy Mouse and Taro Taro at the Ohio Classic

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