Our goals as breeders…

We aim to produce healthy, correct, fast, well tempered Silken Windhounds. Our dogs participate in everything from the more traditional activities such as conformation and racing to the unusual like weight pull (we produced and own the very first Silken Windhound to earn a Weight Pull title). We are strong advocates for health testing, science based vaccination protocols, and grain free raw diets (note current nutritional DCM concerns are valid and our advice specific to this has changed).  Our litters are raised utilizing methods from Avidog and Puppy Culture.  We are proud to have raised and bred dogs that receive recognition at conformation specialties, racing, coursing, and even have produced a Silken that is currently a working Service Dog for his owner.

Our most recent litter was 9 puppies in February 2020.
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A picture of Taro and Nitro announcing litter plans for February 2020.

Our foundation bitch, Honey, has won Best of Opposite in a Specialty Show, is a UKC Champion, and has her GRC (straight racing title). She is Steve’s heart dog, simply the most gentle, affectionate, easy to live with pet you could ever ask for.

ISWS BOSS UKC Ch Kristull Honey Ryder GRC

To date, we have had one litter in 2015, a second in 2018, and a third in 2020 and those dogs have begun accumulating conformation wins including RBIMBS and another BOSS, titles including multiple UKC Champions and Grand Champion, and several are well on their way to racing titles.  The majority of the 2015 and 2018 litters have been health tested with normal results (Heart, Eyes, and Thyroid are the breed specific health screenings typically performed in Silken Windhounds) as well as tested for both MDR1/CEA and BAER hearing while puppies.  We also Embark test our litters.

Silken Agents of CSBeck at Ohio Classic 2016

All told, we’re incredibly happy with the direction our breeding program has taken and are looking forward to continuing to further advance our objectives with future litters.

Please reach out to us if you’d like to know more about us or our silkens!
Also, we’re always willing to meet up at a show, race, or other event!